Maxx Gilliam is an American Urban-R&B Singer/Songwriter from Willingboro Nj. Maxx’s sound is reminiscent off Artists such as The Weeknd, Maxwell, and Bryson Tiller. Maxx has always been attracted to music and learning to sing like his favorite mainstream artists. He would take his parents Cds and Records and study them for hours. “Old School” Artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight and 90’s singers like R. Kelly, Jodeci, and Dave Hollister were his influence. Mimicking their voices was always fun to Maxx and because of this he can actually do some really great vocal impressions of many Artists and sounds. Many talented musicians have and still thrive from Willingboro NJ and Maxx Gilliam has worked with many of them. Musicians such as Adam Blackstone, Artists like Tdot iLLdude, and even accomplished songwriters like Ryan Toby. These collaborations along with studying mainstream Artists and singing in Church all shaped Maxx Gilliam into the Artist he is today.


Currently Maxx Gilliam is promoting his hit debut single ‘WHEN SHE WALKS’. Maxx’s smooth and seductive voice over piano and 808 bass creates a mystical sound and a riveting performance overall. The lyrics to the song are concurrent with Maxx’s comprehensive theme as an Artist for the upliftment and empowerment of Women. ‘WHEN SHE WALKS’ is available now through Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and all major streaming platforms. With the ability to cross many genres there is no ceiling on what Maxx Gilliam can do. Stay tuned for more heavy hitting soul tunes, as well as some hip-hop from Maxx Gilliam.

"I put my heart into my music, in hopes to spread love"

                                                             - Maxx Gilliam